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Endless Motivation

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Men who left the excuses behind and kick ass

Thank you for putting out content. It's a breath of realism, practicality, and signal amidst all the noise.

Nicolas Doidge

Some of your ideas are born from age-old wisdom long forgotten, and I applaud you for rekindling such!
Thank you once again.

Julius Cavira

I must give you a HUGE THANK YOU for all of your materials. You write in a
way that really resonates well with me. I've been rereading all of them so they will "sink in"

Joseph Simon

Thanks for a really thought provoking email.

John Humphreys

I've been an avid subscriber to your newsletter for over a year and a half now.

I really felt as if you are telling my own story. Thank you once again.

I "read" almost all your emails that come to my Inbox. Considering the amount of "junk" that I receive, the above line is a testimony and validation of your writing style and content.

As always Jonathan, it's a pleasure to read articles like this one

John Humphreys