A Kid In Crisis

When a geek stumbles upon self-help

A young me was browsing the internet alone in his room, back in his parents’ house. No. I didn’t watch porn (not at that moment, at least).  I just discovered the world of eBooks and audiobooks.

I looked at a whole list of them through my dusty glasses. I could download anything I wanted to read. Only one book caught my attention though. “The Art Of Approaching Women”.

“Ahh, what’s that?”

A tiny bit of curiosity. That’s all it took to kick off an entire chain of events I could barely control. There was no turning back from here.

I was seventeen when I fell down the rabbit hole of self-help. It felt good for the first two-three years. Like I was improving my life. The nerd from high school was making moves. But things got worse in the long run because I collected mental issues weekly.

Then my father died from cancer, and things went even worse. I found myself stuck in a pile of problems. I was depressed, had zero self-confidence, and barely had friends I liked. I tried to get some girls but got rejected on autopilot.

I hit rock bottom.

After five years of trying to “self-help” my way out of this, my mom was like, “You need therapy”. I told her I could solve this myself. But deep inside, I knew I couldn’t.

“What do I have to lose? Everything is already shit”.

I went to therapy for a year and a half. At age twenty-six, good stuff started happening. I got an intern job at a marketing agency. I met friends that I liked hanging out with. I went out with girls I desired.

It wasn’t perfect, but it was the start of something new. Now I share everything I learned in the last twelve years. If you want to learn how to leverage life’s difficulties to create a life you’re damn proud of, join my list. I won’t disappoint you.

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