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Do Men Miss Out On The Benefits Of Semen Retention? (Steve Jobs Knew The Answer)

By June 17, 2022No Comments
Photo by Simone Pellegrini, edited by me

A surge of energy went from my groans up through my spine, all the way to the head.
I felt somewhat relaxed. Like I just had an orgasm.
I thought, “this thing works.”
Another three days passed by.
And then a couple more.
I felt like I could almost blow up with energy.
Or is it all psychological…

Some people say semen retention is the best thing ever.
Some idiots call it bullshit. Here’s what I think.

Semen retention isn’t NoFap
Let’s get this straight. NoFap simply means not ejaculating for a certain period. That’s it. If you “fail”, you’re back it again right from day one.
Essentially it means abstaining from ejaculating your semen.

However, with semen retention, you’re not just “abstaining”-
you use breathing exercises to circulate the energy from your balls throughout your body. I’m not saying NoFap is 100% bad/wrong, but it can leave your energy stagnating if you do it for an extended period of time.

It’s not “psychological”
Producing one drop of semen or thirty drops of blood takes the same amount of energy. Producing semen is demanding. When you withhold from ejaculating too often, no wonder you feel your energy is increased through the day. There is nothing “psychological” about it.

It helped me battle depression
This is a big one. I used to masturbate because I wanted to avoid the bad feeling I felt when I was depressed. And right after that, I felt even more depressed. Then I realized some other guys feel like that as well- ejaculating too often depresses them.
I found the same ideas in Chinese books that talk about Chi energy.
Semen is your life force. Essentially, you reduce your life force significantly if you ejaculate too often. No life force= depression. It makes a lot of sense when you look at it this way.

It does make you more confident
It changes something in the chemistry of your body, I think.
You just feel different. There is much less resistance to doing things that take a bit of “courage”, like approaching women in bars.
That resistance simply disappears.

You don’t have to retain for months
With NoFap, there’s a non-ending “race” towards not ejaculating for the longest period possible. Semen retention practices aren’t necessarily the same. You can ejaculate almost as frequently as you like- as long it is not every day or so. Most guys are happy with 7–10 days cycles. I found the same is true for me.

Try it
As with anything, I’m always down for experimenting myself and seeing how it works for me. If you give it a real shot, I bet you’ll reap the rewards.

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