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Dear Men: You Owe This To Women

By February 9, 2022No Comments

It’s Friday night in a bar in Tel-Aviv, and my friend and I are walking around, looking to meet some women.

There stands this beautiful Russian girl on the dance floor.
She was tall with dark hair, brown eyes, and fine features.

I approached her, we hung out, and after two hours we exchanged phone numbers and separated.

Ten minutes later, I got a text that left me somewhat stunned:
“Thank you for approaching me. I had so much fun.”
I’ve never gotten that from a girl before.
I said, “Wow, great to hear that. You’re a sweetheart.”
She went on.
“You have zero bad intentions, I can tell. That’s unique”.
That girl wasn’t only good looking,
but intelligent and expressive as well.

I texted my friend with enthusiasm.
“Dude, we got an important duty in this world.”
I tell him about the texts.
He laughs, as always.
He didn’t get my point.

Guys need to be strong for women and get over their fears, so women can meet the man they deserve.
Otherwise, they’re stuck with idiots and fuck ups.

I don’t think the world lacks “good guys”.
I think there are a lot of quality men out there that got a lot to give.

Here’s the issue:
Great guys rarely do anything to meet great women.
At best, they swipe on Tinder and other bullshit apps and barely get something going on.

I can’t even tell you how many times girls told me,
“no one hits on girls in the real world anymore. It’s all happening in the apps now.” So fucking true.

However, if you can put your fears aside and start approaching, you’ll stand out pretty quickly. WHY is that.
Because no other guy is doing that, that’s why.
Go out to a bar and look around;
You’ll barely see guys go up and talk to women.

Dear men: Get your shit together.
Call a friend.
Go out and talk to women you like.

There are people out there who need you.
Don’t be selfish.

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