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I’ve Been Picking Up Girls In Bars For 10 Years. Here’s what Separates Men Who Get Women From Those Who Get Rejected

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Photo by Simone Pellegrini on Unsplash I’ll start with a hint: Truly successful men have a life. They don’t go out to bars four times a week and then jerk off at the gym for the rest. In the past ten years, I’ve met all sorts of guys. “Geeks”, “weirdos”, guys who grew up with abundance and wealth around them, guys who want to get laid and “nothing...
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Do Men Miss Out On The Benefits Of Semen Retention? (Steve Jobs Knew The Answer)

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Photo by Simone Pellegrini, edited by me A surge of energy went from my groans up through my spine, all the way to the head. I felt somewhat relaxed. Like I just had an orgasm. I thought, “this thing works.” Another three days passed by. And then a couple more. I felt like I could almost blow up with energy. Or is it all psychological… Some...
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Dear Men: You Owe This To Women

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It’s Friday night in a bar in Tel-Aviv, and my friend and I are walking around, looking to meet some women. There stands this beautiful Russian girl on the dance floor. She was tall with dark hair, brown eyes, and fine features. HOT. I approached her, we hung out, and after two hours we exchanged phone numbers and separated. Ten minutes later, I got a...
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Life Lessons From 10 Years of Picking Up Girls in Bars

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My palms wear sweating. My throat felt dry. Here goes… “AAA Haaai…” Shit, have they even heard me. Another one. “How you doing, guys?” Silence. Awkwardness. Embarrassment mixed with odd-looking facial expressions. That’s basically how my dating life looked from age twenty to twenty-four. I’m almost thirty-one and thank god my dating life looks different now. However, the process I went through is a topic...
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